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Island Beauty by Tenjilover Island Beauty by Tenjilover
Island...Boy? Island Cutie? Island...I don't know.
This was my entry for the sixth challenge in Operation: Style.
We were supposed to design an outfit based off of a Neo paintbrush color.
The part I didn't see until the last minute was that the outfit had to be formal... OTL

I did make a super quick formal version, but I had already submitted my entry and one of the judges already said that she had received it and I thought it would be bad to say, "Wait no, here's my entry instead". So at that point, I knew that I was out. And it was a painfully long wait of me telling myself, "Hurry up and tell us that we're eliminated already, damn."
Like seriously, the results were delayed and I was just like, "Why. Just tell me that I'm out so I can stop worrying about it. OTL"

By the way, they never actually told me why I was eliminated. It might not have been the formal thing at all. Maybe there's some REALLY terrible mistake that I'm not noticing. Maybe they didn't like the design in general. Maybe they didn't like the composition or the colors. Maybe the anatomy is off (I do see some of those mistakes). Maybe compared to everyone's entry my entry was just the worst? Maybe everything about it is bad and the fact that I failed to make it formal was just the icing on the cake. I guess I'll never know. Anyway, if the main reason was that I just didn't follow instructions then that's like the best way that I could go. EXCEPT, there weren't any eliminations from that point on so now I just feel dumb for not following instructions. OTL Typical me thing to do though, so hey. ELIMINATED LIFE! :UU

Anyway, I picked the Island Paintbrush because Wasy likes surfing and wanted to be painted with that color. (Or may I say, I've been saving up for an Island paint brush for him for years.) AND THROUGH this challenge, I realized that it wasn't worth it anymore. Wow. Tan and three white dots under the eyes. Terrible. Like seriously? Every other Neopet had cool Island designs and the Quiggle gets three dots. Why are Quiggles treated like such crap? It really hurts.
Also, ahhhh I actually really like this outfit just so ya know!
You can see it clearer here;…

I would like to say, "And that's all that I did for this contest," but I actually stuck around and did one more thing. I was too busy to do the last one though.
Puff-Puff-Man Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Aheem, excuse me lol this piece is awesome! :D
Tenjilover Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2013
Has it? It might have just for this character actually. XD

Thank you so much though! OOO:
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August 25, 2013
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