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'Tell me how this tastes...' by Tenjilover 'Tell me how this tastes...' by Tenjilover
So there's this contest (… by :icongirlfoxgirl:).

Psst it's female Timothy and male Lilith.

I learned about it about a week ago so I didn't think I'd be submitting anything, mostly because my tablet is down and I've been busy with college work whichIshouldbedoingrightnow, whoops.
I had given up on joining the contest, and then at the last minute, I had this burning urge to at least contribute to it.
So I worked on this throughout the day-- didn't even bother to draw in the secretive manner I usually do.
Since this isn't colored or anything (and lacks originality) I don't expect anything, but I just wanted to give something to the contest.
Plus, I want more Anima Mundi friends. :UUU -brick'd-

So there you have it; my first contribution to this fandom is genderbend art.
I am so sorry.
Actually I have something else I can't upload until I fix my tablet and THAT was my first but shh.

Also, messages/deviations. I should not be on right now, so I can not answer them right now. I'm sorry. OTL
"So you came on to post genderbend art of some guy and headless girl that no one knows..."
...Yeah man...

These are all of my drafts and concepts by the way;…
It started off with all this complicated stuff, like Timothy and Lilith playing video games despite Lilith's severe lack of appendages. Then I decided that I had no time, so female Timothy ("Toni") having male Lilith ("Liam") taste test dinner or...yeah. Bruno was there for like a second, but I had no references so I just got rid of 'em.

I feel bad about submitting this at the last minute, just so ya know. I never liked when people did that, I wouldn't be surprised if this was rejected although the contest ends in like thirty minutes. ALSO THIS IS NOT THE TIME FOR ME TO BE NOTICING ALARMING MISTAKES, AGH! I type too much, bye.
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duckychan97 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2014
the outfit is adorable!! your style is so cute ;v;
Tenjilover Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2014
Thank you ;o;;
Tenjilover Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2014
redleaveshavefallen Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
gsgtyiuer I never saw this what
I always love seeing art from you, dear! ;7; It looks lovely. I just adore your style so much mannn.
Tenjilover Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2013
Aww thank you. ;o;;
I just-- thank you! OTL
Girlfoxgirl Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2013  Student Writer
Hahaha. Oh man, that description. You're killin' me. ^^ Oh, so congratulations on being the raffle winner! =D Haha. You can tell me any time if there's a certain place you'd like me to give you those points (donation box? Buy a print so you can convert to cash? Etc.) Here is the winners' journal! Winners of Animamundi Creativity ContestDrumroll please!  :icondrumroll-plz:
Why, thank you.
The first place winner is

:iconpyrodanceplz: :iconflowerdanceplz: :iconpyrodanceplz:
  who won with this lovely piece of artwork here: 
She shall receive either a 3 month premium membership or else 636 :points:, her choice of which prize!
The winner of the second place prize goes to...

:iconisaydanceplz: :iconisaydanceplz:
Who has earned the place with his fun piece of work right here:
He shall receive either a 1 month premium membership or else 396 points- his choice!
And the third place winner issssssss.....

:iconwoohooplz: :iconwoohooplz:
Who won with this sweet thing right here:
She has just won herself 200 points....!
 Anyway! I appreciate that you took your time and made me this drawing! Especially when you were so busy and having tablet troubles, etc. ^^ You're really too kind! And it's neat to see them genderbent. I honestly like the idea a lot. Makes one think how things would turn out if it had been... Anyway- I also can't get over that male Lillith is in a drawer. Bahaha. I love that. Plus- Timmothy's pants, man. So poofy. ^^ Anyway- no rejection, mate, I swear! ^^ I'm perfectly fine with last minute! I'm just happy for the entry! =D And it's really awesome to see all that effort and thought put into it from all those rejected sketches (good ideas, too, might I add!) Plus, just the way you describe it- Bruno being there for like a minute... Ah man, I can't help but chuckle. ^^ Anima-buddies, mate, Anima-buddies. No bricks allowed. ;) Thanks so much again!
Tenjilover Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2013
djkshfjsahf I've ever won a raffle before, I think...!
Um err I don't know how points are usually given but I guess whatever is easier for you? o: I didn't actually think about that, whoops!

I appreciate being able to submit to it, thank you. :'D No worries.
Oh my gosh, I tried to imagine the whole thing switched actually. I don't know, it became a bit odd. >w>;; But it was interesting! The VN would be waaaay more controversial for sure. Whoa. Yet at some points I think it'd be really cool! O:

As for the poofies, I love pumpkin breeches, so I had to throw in a slightly feminine pair as opposed to Timothy's venetians breeches-looking pants. :'D

Thank you so much. ;w; I don't know, I can't say 'thank you' enough. I wish I could have done a bit more, but when I do get another tablet/fix/deal withno another tablet then I'll try to fix that. XD
Girlfoxgirl Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2013  Student Writer
Lol, sure! I just donated them to you directly. ^^ It's no problem- another person asked for them to be used to buy a print to turn the points into usable currency so I figured I should ask before I make anyone lose the opportunity!

I'd agree with you! Shame on any controversy, though. ^^; Equality is equality, people!

Haha. As a clothing-noob I have no idea they were called pumpkin breeches. ^^; A fitting name for such a funny thing!

Gah. Tablet issues are pretty harsh. Not much you can do to fix things, I'd imagine, depending on the issue! And you're too kind. ^^ No, seriously, stop being so kind. :stinkeye:

;) Haha, just kidding.
Tenjilover Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2013
Thank you very much! :’D No worries here. Thanks for asking though! ;u;

Yes. :I Maybe it wouldn’t be too controversial though? Who knows unless it happens I guess (which I doubt that would happen). ouo;;

No worries, I took like one fashion class so I’m still a fashion noob also. >u>;; The name is totally fitting. <3

I fixed it about five times before, but this time I can’t. Even if I could, a new tablet shouldn’t have to be fixed five times within the seven months that I’ve had it. It’s gotta go. >:

This kindness is a forever thing. :U
Girlfoxgirl Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2013  Student Writer

I imagine perhaps not just for the sole fact that still so few would play it. ^^; It's the fate of this poor game.

Wait, in a joking kind of manner, or did you seriously take a class on fashion? (Those exist? o.o I mean, I suppose in design majors in art colleges, etc, but outside of that I never would have thought...)

Sounds like that's the right decision... That's like so many used cars on their last legs. Breaks right when you need it. At some point it's just worth it to replace!

And good. ^^
Tenjilover Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2013
That's true. People wouldn't play it either way.

I took a fundamentals of fashion class which pretty much just went through the history of fashion. It was for general education in the fine arts department and also transferring. My college seems to have an interesting program for it-- and interior design, which I would have never thought of really. It's a community college though, and so a lot of the classes are occupational as well as transfer classes. You get a mix of everyone as well.
I'm not to sure which UCs or Cal States have fashion as a major, but I'm pretty sure that some of them would welcome fashion majors with open arms. I guess fashion is a big enough deal here for it to be a major in some colleges.

Righto. It's also what I get for picking the cheapest one there. >>;; Whoops.
TwelfthMoon Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Tenjilover Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2013
Ah, thank you! :’D They’re cuties. I miss what they’re from, bwuh. OTL
TwelfthMoon Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2013  Student Digital Artist
No problem <3
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