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June 30, 2011
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HT- Rahz Dallwarth by Tenjilover HT- Rahz Dallwarth by Tenjilover
EDIT: New tablet! Eeee! :'D
Rahz's birthday has passed. Wowzers, 22. I am listening to this guy that sounds a lot like how I imagine Rahz's voice to be right now and it's like... pffft. He's a friend of my bro's but I've never seen him before in my life. He's complaining about his girlfriend and how there's no communication. He sounds like... Sho Minamimoto (English) just a little higher and a little more obnoxious- like, he's always yelling but idk.

I designed Rahz specifically so I'd never get tired of drawing him, just so ya know.

First app/Summer:…
V. Autumn:…
V. Winter:…
V. Spring:…
V. Summer (2):…
V. Autumn (2):…
V. Winter (2):…
V. Spring (2):…
V. Summer (3):…
V. Autumn (3):…
V. Winter (3):…
V. Spring (3):…


Name: Rahz Dallwarth
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Birthday: May 14th/Spring 25th
Height: 5’5”
Occupation: Farmer
Quote: “Pleeease don’t salt my fields no matter what I do. THANKS!”

Personality: One might describe Rahz as an obnoxious and annoying villager that loves attention and finding out what gets under other people’s skin. Most of his annoyances are done jokingly, but he often loses the sense to tell when to stop, so it’s not uncommon for him to offend or cause others to assume odd things about his mindset. Or he might know when to stop but he might keep something up just to keep someone’s attention. He can keep up a really off-kilter or dumb joke for years-- or forever, without cracking and saying, “Just kidding”. He might not care if someone understands him or not, it depends on if he cares about what someone thinks about him or not. It’s easy to label Rahz as a rude jerk, because sometimes he is; out of all the types of attention he can receive, he feels that negative attention is pretty easy to get. Despite this, he’s still a pretty positive person that loves being around people, even if it’s just to bother them. Rahz sincerely thinks that most people are his friends even if they’re definitely not, and if he doesn’t get along with someone, he’s sure that they’ll get along better in the future even if there’s no chance of it happening. He can have a regular conversation without attempting to be annoying, but he has to have a good reason.

Backstory: As a high school kid, Rahz wasn’t really interested in most of his subjects except for P.E., science, and sometimes math. Upon entering college, he found that a lot of the classes that he wanted to take for science were full, so he took a couple of horticulture and agricultural science classes that still counted toward the science major that he was aiming for just to be able to do something. He ended up really liking the classes and switched his major. After taking more horticulture and agriculture classes and doing some volunteer farm work, he ended up with an internship as a farmhand that he also enjoyed a lot. The farmer for the internship helped him find some cheap farmland that he could buy or rent. Out of all the places that he could have picked, Rahz decided on Strawberry Village because of the weather, and also because it wasn’t too far from home. He’s still working to pay off the farm, suddenly Animal Crossing.

Likes: Birthdays, anything where there's an excuse to give things to others, grapes or grape-flavored things, taking care of things, horror movies, vegetables, jazz, big band, musicals, swing, light pain, science, attention, arcade games, checkers, yoyos, records/record players, spices, amethyst, catfish, cow, mangoes

Dislikes: Citrus, reading, things that are too soft, things that are overly sweet, extreme pain, people that are downright mean or never lighten up, planes, chickens, lizards, grapefruit, dates (the fruit), prunes

Fears: Being airborne, chickens, and lizards

Favorite possession: Empty fish bowl that sometimes isn't empty

Goal: “To grow GRAPES one daaay!”

Family: Xavier (Father), Karita (Mother), Deirit (Older Sister), Amarna (Little Sister), James Lorter (Best Friend [?], lives far), Meraena (Pet Beta Fish, deceased)


Just some things:
-He used to want to run a gift shop, but now he’s pretty content with farming.
-He's supposed to be short. OTL
-He tries his best with farming, but sometimes bad things happen that are his or nature's fault.
-He usually sticks to a pretty tight daily routine.
-His hair is yellow orange, but as a rule of thumb, it's more orange than yellow;…
-Stay kid friendly, Rahz.


Rahz finally has his crop rotation down...sort of! Here's a list of crops you can buy and how much they cost for each season they're available in. I can not find a better way to organize this. I've tried a lot of stuff. OTL And sorry if Rahz is overpriced. I don't know anything about HM economy. :UU N/A yet means Rahz can't grow it/can't grow it yet either because he doesn't have the tools or skills, but plans to. Of course grapes are there secretly.

Watermelons: Summer- 40 G // Autumn- 30 G (limited, can only buy 2)
Tomatoes: Summer- 10 G // Autumn- 10 G // Winter- 12 G (limited)
Radishes: Spring- N/A yet // Autumn- 15 G // Winter- N/A yet
Onions: Summer- N/A yet // Autumn- 15 G // Winter- 10 G
Pumpkins: Autumn- 40 G // Late Autumn- 45 G (limited)
Wheat: Spring- 15 G // Summer- 20 G (limited) // Autumn- N/A yet // Winter- N/A yet
Cucumbers: Summer- 15 G // Autumn- 20 G (limited)
Strawberries: Spring- 15 G// Summer- 20 G
Spinach: Spring- N/A yet // Winter- 5 G
Yams: Winter- 20 G
Carrots: Spring- 15 G (limited) // Winter- 10 G
Turnips: Spring- 12 G // Winter- 15 G (limited)
Various mushrooms: Autumn- 5 G // Winter- 7 G (limited)
Green Peppers: Winter- 10 G (limited)
Eggplant: Winter- 15 G (limited)
Broccoli: Spring- 10 G // Summer- N/A yet
Potatoes: Spring- 20 G (limited) // Summer- 15 G
Corn: Autumn- N/A yet
Rutabaga: Winter- N/A yet
Celery: Winter- N/A yet
Cabbage: Summer- N/A yet
Beets: Summer- N/A yet

-Never ever be afraid to rp with me. I'm more scared of you than you are of me.
But seriously, go ahead and bother Rahz here in the comments or anywhere whenever.
It doesn't matter who you are or if we have another rp going (wow, sorry in advance).
It might take me a while to answer but I'll get to it!
I think I should say don't be afraid of Rahz either.
He's not Robert Pickton, I promise! He might mention him to creep you out though. ouo

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Tenjilover Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014
I forgot how to draw, color, and edit stuff.
Tenjilover Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2013
Dang, I'm going to miss you, Autumn 3 outfit.
I was going to say that it looks too college-ish, but technically, he's still a community college student though I'm sure they would have kicked him out by now and he'd have to apply again-- how did Gary end up taking the same path as Rahz in that sense.
Wow, Rahz is Gary or something.
Oh gosh I don't want Rahz as an older brother.
Only noticing now that Rahz is exactly a month older than Gary.
Oh gosh, no!
redleaveshavefallen Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Every time I read this webcomic, I think of Rahz. [link] ;u;
Tenjilover Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2013
First page I was like, "Lol why?"
Second page, "Yup."
redleaveshavefallen Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Main character just has this face. I now find it so incredibly endearing. Also, I wait and wait, but he never talks about grapes. Just soccer.
Tenjilover Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2013
D'aaw. <3 Maybe one day he'll talk about grapes.
SoshaLova Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2013
oh goshhhh ;o; I love all the orange <3
Tenjilover Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2013
I didn't think it would go well but...I actually like the color scheme. O:
Thank ya. ;w;
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well, hello again cutie. ;u;
Ooh, crops! Annie shall be buying from you~ and also:
How do i love this man? Let me count the ways: cutie cutie cutie boo bootie cutikins cute cute precious baby

only the best poems for the best babies
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But kdsjfhgfd
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