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"PLaY wiTH me UnTIL yOU Are exHAusTEd in tHE deFILeD Land!"

:icontradesopen: :iconcollabsopen: :iconrequestsclosed: :icongiftsclosed: :iconcommissionsclosed: :iconpointcommishesclosed: :iconkiribansclosed:

Art trades- Open to all
Collabs- Open to all
Friendship- Sure. ouo
Requests- I might offer to do a request for you; usually only to friends.
Gifts- Might give gifts to friends, but don't expect one. Will probably gift back.
Commissions- Maybe some day
Kiribans- I don't even look at my page views.


I like to draw but not color. I also like to design characters and analyze other characters. I also try to cosplay and roleplay sometimes.

I don't really want to be a professional artist, so I improve at my own pace. I draw almost every day though and I've been doing that since I was little. It's a big part of my life though I don't want to do anything with it. :U I think everyone needs an interest like that; one that isn't your profession.

What I actually want to be is a voice actor/voice over artist. No, I don't just want to be an anime voice actor; I want to lend my voice to commercials, audio books, and so on too. I have my reasons and those reasons are really important to me.

Types of character designs that I always seem to end up liking:
-Cute witch designs
-Shark tooth boys
-Ram boys
-Newsie-looking characters
-Almost anything with cute/cool overalls
-Designs with a lot of sweets incorporated into them
-Adored color scheme:…

I also like the concept of witches doing things differently from the traditional witch yet still keeping some aspects of it.

Current Residence: California and sometimes Arizona
Favourite type of music: Music box with accordion, usually folk though
Favourite style of art: Cartoon
Favourite cartoon/game character: Link (of Zelda) and Pepé Le Pew <3
Your first OC ever?
-Ooh. I began making OCs as a young child, so that's hard to say. I want to say the first reoccurring character/named character was Sariopo, followed by Dasini...? Sariopo was some girl with goggles who sang or something or danced. I don't even remember. She was so blah that I ended up making Dasini, who was a swordswoman who didn't take any mess. :U

Do you have a personal favorite among your OCs?
-Not really? I mean I don't have a number one favorite-- definitely have some characters I've made that I'd like to pretend never existed. Let's stick to favorites though. Some of the things I've created just don't have characters which I consider to be favorites, but here are some contenders:
    Minsa Tamako from Sekai Sagasu- I love how Minsa has grown. She isn't just some blah blah tsundere now. Super.
    Megany Kays from Red Handed- Ah what a wonderful character she's blossoming into. ;u;
    Maddy from Red Handed- She too has changed a lot, and mostly recently!
    Konikl Zanabe from Red Handed- She's changed a lot and what began as a dumb Momiji-like character has developed into what I'd hope is a gem of a character. ;u;
    Rahz A. Dallwarth: I designed Rahz so he'd be easy/fun for me to draw= I would draw him more= I would participate in Harvest Town more. There's so much I wanted to reveal about Rahz that I'll probably never be able to. Like, for a lot of things I decided someone would only figure them out if they asked Rahz himself so I purposely left them off his bio. So now I'm stuck with all this useless (or not so useless) info about this guy that I still'd only let Rahz say.
    Pumpkin Pile Glale from Pages and Pathways- Striving for creating a wall between her emotions and the world outside is Pumpkin Pile. She comes off as sarcastic and apathetic, but her actions might tell you otherwise as she's going through a hell of a lot of trouble to fix something that her sister wrecked. Pumpkin Pile is a lot like people of the internet who try to censor their emotions, seeming cold and cruel; only laughing when it seems cool or safe to laugh. On the inside though, she's a body of insecurities. She serves as an interesting guide through the world of Pages and Pathways for sure.
    Wasy Wazine (Neopets OC)- Bwuh, I love Wasy. He's too cute. Sure, he's just a little one dimensional because I didn't get to develop him, but he was so fun. Wow. XD
Notables: Nathan, Tony, Pin, and Lu-- the main cast of Dead Story. They're all interesting in their own way, but they're supposed to be life-like so they come off as boring sometimes, ha hah. Real people are boring most of the time.

Have you ever adopted a character or gotten a character from someone else?

A character you rarely talk about?
-Uh... a lot. There are quite a few things that I've never posted anywhere because I'm still working on them.

If you could make only one of your OCs popular/known, who would it be?
-Hm. I'm not too sure about that one. Hopefully the OC would be from a story I'd want to be known at least.

Two OCs of yours that look alike despite not being related?
-Welp, 1000+ OCs, I'm not surprised if any looked similar. I can't think of any off the top of my head who aren't related, but uh now that I think of it, I have borrowed designs from characters I didn't want to show anyone but liked their appearance, so I'd just reuse the design for a far better character, like for Chi (Kowai 5) and Kido (Sekai Segasu).

Are your OCs part of any story or stories?
-Usually. The only exceptions are characters like Rahz, Wasy, Naruc, Yana, Nemuri, etc.

Do you RP as any of your OCs? If you do, introduce one of your RP OCs here!
-Ugh... I don't rp as any of my OCs at this very moment, but I guess I can pretend this question's in the past tense. Yeah sure, I rped as some of my OCs. I want to introduce poor Navida Jackson, who didn't get to go too far due to her group closing. She's stereotypically girly, but she's also a bodybuilder. She puts a huge emphasis on using your physical strength before magic, and she was a bit of an inspiration for the character Darred from Pages and Pathways, who feels witches should do things without magic because otherwise they're lazy. :U Navida is a little more forgiving than Darred though. I'm so tired.

Would you ever be willing to give any of your OCs to someone else?
-Just make your own. If you pay me to make one for you then yeah, sure. :U

Introduce an OC with a complicated design?
-Like make one right here and now? I'm too busy for that-- and define "complicated".

Is there any OC of yours you could describe as a "sunshine"?
-Yes. The Sun OC I have. ouo)b

Name an OC that isn't yours but who you like a lot
-Annie. I like Annie. Yukina as well. Joce's OCs are always cool. So are Mari's. And Tatta's. To be honest, it takes me a while to get into people's OCs unless there's like a comic or story I can read about them right then and there or if I can rp with them; otherwise they're just a face with a body no matter what they're doing in a picture. I like characters based on how they act; I like to analyze characters, but if there's nothing to analyze then there's nothing for me to like except a design, and boy oh boy do I like designs, but that's pretty much nothing to go off of.

Do you have any troublemaker OCs?

Introduce an OC with a tragic backstory
-I try not to have characters with a backstory purposely meant to be tragic. It usually just leads to bad characters. The reader should be able to decide if something's tragic or not. Someone's dad dying shouldn't be forced onto a reader as a tragic event if the reader doesn't want it to be.
I'll humor you though.
There was once a kid who wanted to try chocolate milk for the first time. He stole a carton from a fellow classmate when they weren't looking. He drank the milk in two gulps. "It's delicious," he sang out. Later, he went home and had explosive diarrhea. It didn't stop there; the kid had explosive diarrhea for days and eventually died of dehydration. The classmate had cursed the boy for drinking their chocolate milk. Believing the kid's death was their fault, they went on through life feeling like a murderer. To live up to their title, they ended up picking up murdering.
...:U You decide if it's tragic or comedic-- though death by diarrhea is a serious problem just so you know. Please.

Do you like to talk about your OCs with other people?
-Yeah. :U I usually try to connect them to something or at least to the stories they're a part of though, or else it'll be lost in words.

Which one of your OCs would be the best at biology (school subject)?
-Soce, Megany, or Rahz

Any OC crackships?
-Yeah, many.

Introduce an OC that means a lot to you (and explain why)
-All because they've all allowed me to express my creativity and observe human nature or something.

Do any of your OCs sing? If they sing, care to share more details (headcanon voice, what kind of songs they like etc)?
-All my characters sing, they just might not sing WELL.
Back in the day, my friend DQ made like a little meme with how she imagined her characters would sound while singing. Ever since then I can't help but try to find singers that sound like how I'd imagine my characters to sound.
It's just hard when your character doesn't sing well-- like Geekies or Rahz. I mean I definitely have headcanons for those two and find it easier to find a headcanon singing voice than a headcanon talking voice, but it's just I have to ask folks to imagine the singer singing horribly... and for some that just ain't gonna happen. :U

Characters who sing and are good at it though:
-Sekai Sagasu: Peony Kim, Kuroi Uremi (she can change he voice-- it's her power :U ), Rime, Bullard, Jayleene
Megany Kays from Red Handed (kinda)
Simon "Smoodge" Vivia from Muotoko (but he's pretty bad at it?)
Matildie Sckion from Many Perspectives
Zag Plaid from Temade (Zag has a beautiful voice which often takes people by surprise as he's such a crappy person)
I have headcanon singing voices for all main Temade characters really
James John Lorter (Rahz's bestie)
Raven "Acid" Hunter from Mary Sue Marty Stew (laughs)
I have some singing voice headcanons for Pages and Pathways as well
"Bootlegs from Rockland" Vocaloid OCs: Nemuri (#24), Bryde (#5), Voca18/Kiron, Voca 50/Fimmy
Niko the vampire
Yana Glooms (Neopet/OC)
Naruc Vato (Neopet/OC)

Your most artistic OC
Can't compare.;;
-Sekai Sagasu: Rime (music)
Red-Handed: Olevad (dance)
Muotoko: Houjo Enterai (craft)
Many Perspectives: Like everyone, but here we go; Raydin Harper (drawing), Teal Warden (painting), Scott Jefferson (sculpting), Victoria Harlem (sewing/designing), Hiroshima Tateki (writing), Matildie Sckion (music), Lenna Heeds (photography), and Doremi Fasola (cooking)
Nayamix2/x3: Emma Danshi/Tamiya (drawing) and Shisho Tamiya (writing)
Fifth Season: Pame (acro dancing)
Temade: Zag Plaid (music), Dottie Spots (music and painting), Ditsies Stars (craft)
Laila Rossën from some figure skating thing I messed up by shipping too much crap (sewing/designing)
James John Lorter (music)
Pages and Pathways: Pit Aubergine (interior design) and Vayden Mace (sewing/designing)
Hobo-san (saxophone)

Introduce an OC that has changed from your first idea concerning what the character would be like?
-Pretty much all of them? Especially recent characters. Almost all the characters from Red Handed have changed a lot. Muotoko as well. Peony Kim changed and uh... a lot changed with many characters. :U

If you could meet one OC of yours, who would it be and why?
-No thanks. Actually it would probably be Ai Kurushii from I Love Love Stories. She needs some friends. :C

The OC that resembles you the most (same hobby, height, shared like/dislike for something etc?)
-Oh geez. Chanelle (both of 'em from The Adventures of Super Girl meets The Horrible Toilet Squad and Neko Son), Ahchanelle (Kowai 5), Tayori Otoko (from Kohhih Kappu), or Temi (from HaruTenji) obviously. They were self-inserts or mostly things that were supposed to be about me...? Like HaruTenji was supposed to be a slice-of-life about me and a friend if we were older or something, so it was that kind of thing usually.
And then there's Ai Kurushii and her family; she's pretty much me and I just wanted to tell my family's story not through me or else my parents would get mad. :U So Ai goes through similar things in life as I do, but there are quite a few things different about her story just so my folks won't get mad. Ha hah.
If we're going by characters who aren't supposed to be me in any way shape or form but resemble me anyway: Zara from Saki Notes and Plum Aubergine from Pages and Pathways.

Your most dangerous OC?
-Contagious from Contagious, Hakai from Sekai Sagasu, Ms. Dimglow, Mr. Lightshine, Puffykins, Death, Ice Cream Man (OMFG), Dynamite Girl, Death Nightmare "Dean" from Pages and Pathways (this is actually a human-like creature who is very polite but when it's summoned to kill you, then bye),
Sun, Satevis Antares, Scorpius Antares, Al Niyat Tau, Al Niyat Sigma, etc from The Amazing, Magical, and Invincible CAR (any star characters who could burn ya, they probably top this list tbh), Marya "Gaune" Kingzite from Altafien-- I think the stars aren't going to lose this one.;; Time to stop listing.

Which one of your OCs would go investigate an abandoned house at night without telling anyone they're going?
-Rahz. He loves that stuff. Maddy or Harua from Red Handed would be next though. Then Kowai Kaibutsu from Kowai 5, and Nathan Davry, Pin Tam, and Tony Calden from Dead Story. Rahz would go in a heart beat though.

Which one of your OCs would most likely have a secret stuffed animal collection?
-Secret as opposed to someone who wouldn't hide their collection? Maddy from Red Handed.

Which one of your OCs would be the most suitable horror game protagonist and why?
Rahz is the first person I think of when horror comes to mind, but he'd mess up the game by fanboying everywhere. Like seriously, "WHOOOOOA! REAL ZOMBIES! SO COOOOOL! Oh riiight, my life is in danger."
A good protagonist would probably be able to keep their head straight. So maybe... Maddy or Harua again. Maddy might not be a good idea as a protag though because she'd eat a mofo if need be.
Harua's pretty straight faced, but she can still be vulnerable.

I actually think Lu Tam from Dead Story or Vayden Mace from Pages and Pathways would go well. Lu doesn't show her vulnerable side often, but I think she'd do it for the game with the situation. I'd love to see how she'd fare. Then Vayden is like really good with magic, so it'd be about how fast he can do things. It'd be good because at least I know he'd stand a chance.

Do you have any twin characters?
-Sure. Instead of making Ai and Aisuri a year apart like my bro and I are, I made them twins just so Ai's story would be a little different than my own.
It's kinda funny because my mom often tried to pass my bro and I off as twins to get him kid-age tickets and such.
Anyway, that's Ai and Aisuru. There WAS Chrisi and Trishi from Temade, but they've been aborted.
There's also Chim and Craig Ruddel from Fifth Season.
Oh geez. Almost forgot, but Tyson and Maison. And Harriet and Malary from I'm Still a Boy.

Any sibling characters?
-Yep. Jeran, Maya, and other sister Scott from Manilla
Zera and Kayda James from a Black Market practice comic
Sekai Sagasu: Sein and Kido Uremi, Kuroi Uremi and the boys' dad, Litia and Manjin, Mune and Chike, there were also the magic siblings in the game
Matt and Yames Spencer from T4U
Harriet and Malary from I'm Still a Boy
Red Handed: Soce, Yola, and Mike Uremi/ Megany, Corin, and Tera Lee "Tarin" Kays/ Harua and Konikl Zanabe
Sein Hitoshi and his sister
Muotoko: Tatsuji, Guzendal, and Raiko Vivia/ Mintashi, Minatashi, Mayu, Banni, and Tobo Enterai/ Jacqueline “Jackie” and Jennifer “Jenni” Hero
Doremi and Maya Fasola from Many Perspectives
Kowai 5: Kowai and Samko Kaibutsu/ Kawai, Chi (half sibling of Kawai), and Mindix (step sister of Kawai)/ Garu and Kyandi Tanrit/ Leon, Sar, Sarah and Doug Dokuro
Tasuke, Kouen, and Kirin Motomeru from Kohhih Kappu
Tayori Otoko and her bro
Ki and Natsu Yamada from Neko Son
Amara and Donny Stoneday from Neko Son
Travis and his sister from Blind River Dog
Samantha and Carly from Michiro
Pin and Lu Tam from Dead Story (one of my fave pair of siblings really)
Hanga and Keisha from Dead Story
Minana and Emma Danshi from Nayamix2/x3
Ai, Aisuru, and Aiyaku Kurushii from I Love Love Stories
Andy and Jacob Brenard from I Love Love Stories
Chim and Craig Ruddel from Fifth Season
Temade: Geekies and Mikey Stars, Snelley and Sparky Moons (plus expected child from pregnant mother), Swirly and Spotty Dots
The Amazing, Magical, and Invincible CAR: Satevis and Scorpius Antares, Uranus and Neptune, Jupiter and Saturn
Lars and Laila Rossën from the figure skating thing
Valana, Mikan, and Hana from Watermelons and Lots of Love
Sachi and Koji
Joshua and Myra from Divine Intervention
Rahz, Deirit, and Amarna Dallwarth
Tyson and Maison Tucker/ Mike and Cassandra/ Stephan and Samantha Randal/ Alexander and Heather Stallien
Pages and Pathways: Greenie, Pumpkin Pile, and Olive Glale, Parsley and Radish Chocolate, Pit and Plum Aubergine
Ms. Dimglow and Mr. Lightshine
Colita and her bro
Mei, Meian, and Meibo Lee
Niko and Hanmaru
Lil' Goo Goo and her sister
Two unnamed sisters in the snow

Do you have OC pairs where the other part belongs to someone else (siblings, lovers, friends etc)?

Introduce an OC who is not quite human
-Maddy and Akla. Harua and Konikl. There. More but after that last question? Forget it.

Which one of your OCs would be the best dancer?
-Olevad from Red Handed

Any fond memories linked to your characters? Feel free to share!
-Just shaping them out it memory filled enough.

Has anyone drawn fanart of your OCs? If yes, maybe show a picture or two here (remember sources & permissions!)
Oh wait, you want me to actually go find them? Er...……
Actually, people draw my characters less than I thought. I have a folder of gifts-- which I don't keep very up to date, but most of it are art of my fave characters (that aren't my own), which is fine with me, of course.

Do you have any certain type when you create your OCs? Do you tend to favour some certain traits or looks? It's time to confess.
-I actually like drawing witches. :U Also I like drawing characters with darker skin. Also folks with some weight on them.

Tag anyone you please!!!! (and their Oc's of course!)
-Uh... You guys don't have to do this but:
:iconyuriihime: :iconkasami-kat: :iconjocelynshi: I'm too lazy to tag anyone else. ;_;;
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